Flooring 2020 Project

Flooring fundraising thermometer

What: Replacing carpet tiles with vinyl planks, a commercial rated product with a 15-year warranty. With this flooring, we will no longer have any issue with spills and carpet stains.

Where: we’ll complete the project in four phases:
1) Atrium (includes hallway from bathrooms east to exit door on Nobel)
2) Fellowship Hall
3) North Entry from back doors to double doors
4) Narthex area from Nobel entry (this will include area outside office)

Cost: $50,000 total, will be broken down and completed by significant area phases as funding goals are reached.

Funding: to complete this much needed project, new funds must be raised.

Project details: old carpet tiles must be torn up, floor adhesive removed as necessary, floors leveled as required, and new flooring installed. Wall base to be replaced as needed.

Project leaders: BUMC Men’s Group has volunteered to lead this project.

Timing: ASAP, as we have a very favorable price quote on materials that is not guaranteed indefinitely into the future.

Please help with your donations! Every $5 raised will cover 1 square foot. Thank you!