BUMC to start new small groups for discipleship and service

Want to grow your faith through service?
Want to help BUMC be the Heart of the Brooklyns by Healing a Broken World? We are starting small groups for discipleship and service around a particular interest of service. Each group will gather at least once a month to grow their faith, discover the issues around their chosen service and then serve. We are forming a few teams in January 2020.

Homeless Youth
A team supporting Hope4Youth and Avenues For Homeless Youth

Dignity Center Support
A team dedicated to serving at and supporting BUMC in its outreach through the Dignity Center, a ministry for homeless adults.

Emergency Shelter Team
A team that will gather for evenings and overnights when the temperature drops below 0, serving soup and keeping BUMC open as a warming shelter. This group will actually have our discipleship and meeting the first night of a new month each time the shelter opens and Pastor Rich will come and lead the group meeting.

Soup Delivery Team
A very dedicated team of people who will gather on cold nights and go into the Brooklyns and local communities and serve a cup of warm soup to the homeless.

Soup Makers
A group to do exactly what is says, make some soup in support of the
Emergency Shelter team and the Soup Delivery team. At the end of the
soup season our Pastor will gather this team together for a soup dinner,
to say thank you and grow our faith.

Transit Station Clean Up Team
Helps clean up the area around the transit station in Brooklyn Center

A team of people to help BUMC in its support of CEAP (Community
Emergency Assistance Programs)